My Research

My research interests encompass a number of different academic disciplines and projects which I will be showcasing here over the next few months.

Style and Identity: The art of fitting in is a collaborative project with Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) which uses style as a method for exploring how individuals construct identity in a new urban environment. The project applies a visual ethnographic approach and examines the style choices of international students in Nottingham and Hong Kong. The objective is to understand how a new and distinct cultural environment may influence the style choices of these individuals as they attempt to conform to being in a new place. The students’ style choices present an opportunity to understanding how visual identity evolves and is negotiated in these two different cities. The images and supporting narratives bring to life an international student’s experience of being in the city of Nottingham and the hyper-modern metropolis of Hong Kong.

Shoe and Tell: explores how the very everyday object of shoes communicates identity.  The project is currently focused on teenagers, aged 16-19 years. If you would to find out more, click here

If you would like to find out more about my PhD research, click here.

Alternatively if you wish to find out more about my publications and conference papers to date, click here.

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